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I'm freem, also known as freem_inc, AJ 187, and maybe some other names. I've been involved with ROM hacking since the late 1990's, but have only recently learned assembly languages (6502, 68K, Z80). Hacking protip: DO NOT AVOID ASSEMBLY FOR AS LONG AS I DID (but you should also probably tackle it when you know some programming basics.)

To-Do List

The main to-do is to remember what other games that I have info on, and/or finding info for other games.

Super Dodge Ball (NES)

I have a disassembly of the game that I periodically work on. More information will be added to the wiki when I feel it's accurate enough.

R.C. Pro-Am (NES)

Also started disassembling this one for a hack... My information is for the PRG0 version (Mapper 007/AxROM), however. The game page seems to be for PRG1 (Mapper 001/MMC1), which is slightly different.