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Note: There may be an anti-cheat system to detect modifications to these variables.

Player status

  • $F5 - number of lives
  • $f6 - Health
  • $4D2 - Current item (See for items)
  • $3E4 - invulnerability time
  • $435 - Oxygen level - max 0x80.
  • $3E4 - Character "state" (e.g. 00=normal, 01=Falling into water, 02=Swimming, 04=Sub)
  • $472+<item code> - inventory. (See for current codes).
  • $4A2 - Bomb timer


The password should be "3HDJL9DNQV2WYTV4S91RXR86". Serial number is located on the game registration card, which differs from each copy.

  • $016A to $0189 - Password/serial number information. A simple serial number is 12345678
  • Password appears first in memory. Serial number is added after the password.

To convert password from memory format to human readable format, look at these conversions: 0'=00 '1'=01 '2'=02 '3'=03 '4'=04 '5'=05 '6'=06 '7'=07 '8'=08 '9'=09 'Q'=10 'Z'=12 'W'=13 'S'=14 'X'=15 'D'=17 'C'=18 'R'=19 'F'=20 'V'=21 'T'=22 'G'=23 'B'=24 'Y'=25 'H'=26 'N'=27 'J'=29 'M'=30 'K'=32 'L'=34 'P'=35 '!'=38

Alternatively, check the PPU when looking at the password screen.

If the password is entered correctly, there is a short period of time where some data is located at $0200-02xx; otherwise, this section is all zeros.


  • $F3 - Current map
  • $558 - X

Internal Data for Treasure Master

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