Tokimeki Memorial - Densetsu no Ki no Shita de:ROM map

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* 0x3E8200 to 0x400200 = Font (1BPP)

Text pointers

All pointers are in LoROM.

* 0x232D79 to 0x?????? = Pointer to the name table
* 0x2373BF to 0x?????? = Pointer to text table

* 0x009A72 to 0x?????? = Name Block Pointers
* 0x009C25 to 0x?????? = Text Block Pointers
* 0x018200 to 0x?????? = Table Values (40-9F)
* 0x1CCCA3 to 0x?????? = Single-byte Table Pointers (A0-EF)
* 0x1CCD31 to 0x?????? = Single-byte Table Entries (A0-EF)

Internal Data for Tokimeki Memorial - Densetsu no Ki no Shita de

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