The Little Mermaid:RAM map

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RAM Function Details
0x003A Object being held # of object slot
0X00B0 Lives
0X00B1 Health
0x00B4 Bubble power
0x00B5 Bubble range
0X00E4 - 0X00E7 RNG Seed Fibonacci LFSR (Function 0xC250)
0x0100 - 0x01FF Stack
0x0300 - 0x030F Object Phase 0x80 = slot occupied, 0x0F = phase within script
0x0310 - 0x031F Object ID Determines object's behavior
0x0320 - 0x032F y-position subpixel
0x0330 - 0x033F x-position low byte (pixel)
0x0340 - 0x034F x-position high byte
0x0350 - 0x035F y-position subpixel
0x0360 - 0x036F y-position low byte (pixel)
0x0370 - 0x037F y-position high byte
0x0380 - 0x038F x-speed low byte (subpixels/frame)
0x0390 - 0x039F x-speed high byte (pixels/frame)
0x03A0 - 0x03AF y-speed low byte (subpixels/frame)
0x03B0 - 0x03BF y-speed high byte (pixels/frame)
0x03C0 - 0x03CF Attributes 0x20 = able to be bubbled, 0x40 = damage hitbox active
0x03D0 - 0x03DF Direction of movement 0x01 = left, 0x02 = right
0x03F0 - 0x03FF HP
0x0400 - 0x040F Orientation 0x04 = invisible
0x0430 - 0x043F Graphic ID Determines object's animation loop
0x0460 - 0x046F Timer 1 Use depends on object
0x0470 - 0x047F Timer 2 Use depends on object
0x0480 - 0x048F Timer 3 Use depends on object
0x04A0 - 0x04AF Stun timer Actions/animation paused until zero
0x0620 - 0x063F Current color palettes