The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Internal Name ZELDA NAYRU
Region Code U.S.A. & Europe?
Type Color
SGB Support No
Cartridge Type  ??
License Code 01 (Nintendo)
ROM Size 8 Mbit
ROM Checksum 0x47B7
SRAM Size 64 kbit
Header Checksum  ??
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  • Zelda Oracles series - Secrets Generator - A program made by Paul that lets you generate passwords for both versions of the game, for more information visit his homepage.
  • Zelda Oracles Level Editor - A very powerful level editor by Lin for only Ages in its current stage that is capable of editing level data, interactions, warps, script indexes, tilesets, chests and much more. It can load Seasons but only display some maps. Get it and other information at its home.
  • Zelda Oracles Script Editor - Another tool by Lin currently only for Ages. It compiles and decompiles some scripts into some data the game can read for events. Get it and other information at its home.
  • Zelda Oracles Text Editor - Another program by Lin that displays and edits text throughout the game. Currently it can only read and edit text from an inputted offset, but still usable none-the-less. Get it and other information at its home.


  • There are no hacks


Oracle of Ages Offsets

  • Discovered by Zeemis
  • Tool: YY-CHR 0.99b
  • Other information: 2BPP GB -- FC/NES x16 Pattern
Items 00063e00
Link 00068000-0006a000
NPC or Monster 0006a000-0006ad60
Weapon Animations 0006ada0-0006b200
Non-solid Tile Animations 0006b200-0006bec0
Vehicle 0006c000-0006e9a0
Maple NPC 0006ea20-0006f540
Misc. Lava? 0006f620-0006fe20
Font/Etc 00070000-00071720

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