The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening:RAM map

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RAM Purpose
D401 Destination data byte 1: 00 - overworld, 01 - dungeon, 02 - side view area
D402 Destination data byte 2: Values from 00 to 1F accepted. FF is Color Dungeon
D403 Destination data byte 3: Room number. Must appear on map or it will lead to an empty room
D404 - D405 Destination data X and Y co-ordinates
D700 - D79B Currently loaded map
D800 - D8FF World map status

Each screen status is represented by a byte, which is a combination of the following masks :

00 : Unexplored
10 : changed from initial status (for example sword taken on the beach or dungeon opened with key)
20 : owl talked
80 : visited

For example, visiting the first dungeon's screen (80) and opening it with the key (10) would put that byte at 90

DB00 - DB01 Your currently held items.
DB02 - DB0B Inventory
DB0C Flippers (01=have)
DB0D Potion (01=have)
DB0E Current item in trading game (01=Yoshi, 0E=magnifier)
DB0F Number of secret shells
DB10-DB14 Dungeons entrance keys (01=have)
DB15 Number of golden leaves
DB16 - DB3D Beginning of dungeon item flags. 5 bytes fo each dungeon, 5th byte is quantity of keys for that dungeon
DB43 Power bracelet level
DB44 Shield level
DB45 Number of arrows
DB49 Ocarina songs in possession (3 bits mask, 0=no songs, 7=all songs)
DB4A Ocarina selected song
DB4C Magic powder quantity
DB4D Number of bombs
DB4E Sword level
DB56-DB58 Number of times the character died for each save slot (one byte per save slot)
DB5A Current health. Each increment of 08h is one full heart, each increment of 04h is one-half heart.
DB5B Maximum health. Simply counts the number of hearts Link has in hex. Max recommended value is 0Eh (14 hearts).
DB5D-DB5E Number of rupees (for 999 put 0999)
DB65-DB6C Instruments for every dungeon, 00=no instrument, 03=have instrument
DB76 Max magic powder
DB77 Max bombs
DB78 Max arrows
DBAE Your position on the 8x8 dungeon grid
DBD0 Quantity of keys in posession

Items Ids for "Inventory" and "Currently held items"

Id Item
01 Sword
02 Bombs
03 Power bracelet
04 Shield
05 Bow
06 Hookshot
07 Fire rod
08 Pegasus boots
09 Ocarina
0A Feather
0B Shovel
0C Magic powder
0D Boomrang