The Legend of Zelda:RAM map

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RAM Function Details
0x004C Countdown until Link can use his sword again after touching a white bubble
0x0070 Link's X position on the screen
0x0084 Link's Y position on the screen
0x0098 The direction Link is facing $08=North, $04=South, $01=East, $02=West
0x00E0 Game Paused? $=No, $01=Yes
0x00E8 Screen Scrolling? $00=No, $08=Northbound, $04=Southbound, $01=Eastbound, $02=Westbound
0x00FA Controller Buttons Pressed $00=No, $08=Up, $04=Down, $01=Right, $02=Left $80=A, $40=B, $20=Select, $10=Start (these can be combined)
0x052E Red Bubble Sword Disable switch $01 if Link's use of his sword has been disabled by a red bubble, $00 otherwise.
0x062D Current quest for first save slot $00=First, $01=Second
0x062E Current quest for second save slot $00=First, $01=Second
0x062F Current quest for third save slot $00=First, $01=Second
0x0656 Cursor position for selecting Link's B item
0x0657 Current sword $00=None, $01=Sword, $02=White Sword, $03=Magical Sword
0x0658 Number of Bombs
0x0659 Arrow status $00=None, $01=Arrow, $02=Silver Arrow
0x065A Bow in Inventory $00=False, $01=True
0x065B Status of candle 00=None, $01=Blue Candle, $02=Red Candle
0x065C Whistle in Inventory $00=False, $01=True
0x065D Food in Inventory $00=False, $01=True
0x065E Potion in Inventory $00=None/Letter, $01=Life Potion, $02=2nd Potion
0x065F Magical Rod in Inventory $00=False, $01=True
0x0660 Raft in Inventory $00=False, $01=True
0x0661 Magic Book in Inventory $00=False, $01=True
0x0662 Ring in Inventory $00-None, $01-Blue Ring, $02-Red Ring. Note: Changing this value will not change Link's color.
0x0663 Step Ladder in Inventory $00=False, $01=True
0x0664 Magical Key in Inventory $00=False, $01=True
0x0665 Power Bracelet in Invenotry $00=False, $01=True
0x0666 Letter in Inventory $00=False, $01=True, Link can buy potions from the old woman if $02.
0x0667 Compass status for Levels 1 through 8 When value is converted to binary, a $01 represents having the Compass and a $00 represents not having it.
0x0668 Map status for Levels 1 through 8 When value is converted to binary, a $01 represents having the Map and a $00 represents not having it.
0x0669 Level 9 Compass possessed $00=False, $01=True
0x066A Level 9 Map possessed $00=False, $01=True
0x066C Clock possessed $00=False, $01=True
0x066D Number of Rupees
0x066E Number of Keys
0x066F Heart Containers Low Nibble = how many hearts are filled. High Nybble = Number of heart containers - 1
Ex: $10 = 2 Heart Containers with none filled
0x0670 The heart following the last filled heart $00 = empty, $01 to $7F = half full, $80 to $FF = full.
0x0671 Triforce pieces When value is converted to binary, a $01 represents having the piece and a $00 represents not having it.

See this image for a visualization.

0x0674 Boomerang in Inventory $00=False, $01=True. Note: 0x0675 overrides this variable.
0x0675 Magical Boomerang in Inventory $00=False, $01=True.
0x0676 Magic Shield in Inventory $00=False, $01=True.
0x067C Maximum number of bombs Starts out as $08.
0x067D Number of rupees to add
0x067E Number of rupees to subtract
0x6804 Link's tunic color $29 = green, $32 = blue, $16 = red
0x6B92 Link's tunic color. This value is overwritten with 0x6804 when Link exits a cave or enters or exits a level