The Legend of Zelda:Notes

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Text Pointers

$4010: "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this."
$4012: "Master using it and you can have this."
$4014: "Take any road you want."
$4016: "Secret is in tree at the dead-end."
$4018: "Let's play money making game."
$401A: "Pay me for the door repair charge."
$401C: "Show this to the old woman."
$401E: "Meet the old man at the grave."
$4020: "Buy medicine before you go."
$4022: "Pay me and I'll talk."
$4024: "This ain't enough to talk."
$4026: "Go up, up, the mountain ahead."
$4028: "Go north, west, south, west to the forest of maze."
$402A: "Boy, you're rich!"
$402C: "Buy somethin' will ya!"
$402E: "Boy, this is really expensive!"
$4030: "Take any one you want."
$4032: "It's a secret to everybody."
$4034: "Grumble, grumble..."
$4036: "Eastmost penninsula is the secret."
$4038: "Dodongo dislikes smoke."
$403A: "Did you get the sword from the old man on top of the waterfall?"
$403C: "Walk into the waterfall."
$403E: "Secret power is said to be in the arrow."
$4040: "Digdogger hates certain kind of sound."
$4042: "I bet you'd like to have more bombs."
$4044: "If you go in the direction of the arrow."
$4046: "Leave your life or money."
$4048: "There are secrets where fairies don't live."
$404A: "Aim at the eyes of Gohma."
$404C: "South of arrow mark hides a secret."
$404E: "There's a secret in the tip of the nose."
$4050: "Spectacle Rock is an entrance to death."
$4052: "10th enemy has the bomb."
$4054: "Ones who does not have triforce can't go in."
$4056: "Patra has the map."
$4058: "Go to the next room."
$405A: "Eyes of skull has a secret."