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Uncertain Addresses

As promised in the notes page proper, here's this.

Addr    Size    Description
----    ----    -----------
C0A0       4    Score? (Hex-encoded decimal)
C0AB       2    Camera X?
C0C0       4    High Score? (Hex-encoded decimal)
DA01       2    Timer? (Hex-encoded decimal)
....    ....    ....
E0A0       4    Score? (Hex-encoded decimal)
E0AB       2    Camera X?
E0C0       4    High Score? (Hex-encoded decimal)
FA01       2    Timer? (Hex-encoded decimal)

There appears to be a doubling of the HED values most of the time, as well as clear spaces in memory (as would be expected). There are also displayed defaults - for example, unused values for single digit decimal values seem to default to 44 when not in use for whatever reason. Greysondn (talk) 03:11, 19 April 2015 (EDT)