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This helpful tool brought to by the PJCL (working title) project. Please join this group or create your own! --Cat Lover 18:46, 23 April 2007 (EDT)


Is the main page ever going to be updated?

It seems to be a shame that very few people seem to care about this site. It has been almost a year since the main page has been updated. I think that more people would contribute to this site if there was any sign of life from a moderator or owner or whatever.

Dutch Allies...

Why don't we ever link to Magic Stone, our dutch(?) ally? Also, we got anymore alternate languages? --Cat Lover 18:08, 7 May 2007 (EDT)

Maybe because noone here knows Dutch ;) But actually there is a link on the left... I'll assume it was added after your post.


I have just updated all the game systems on the left, plus Xbox, to be indexed by hacked-ness. See Help

ROM Hacks Classification

I think it would be a good idea to add a kind of code for ROM Hacks, according to what is actually modified in the hack compared to the original game. Text, graphics, levels, sound, gameplay, etc. And integrate this code as a taxobox item. What do you think? -- Trax 17:20, 3 July 2007 (EDT)

Super Mario World for NES

There is a really strange and cool homebrew version of SMW for the old NES. I didn't really want to start a whole new page for it here but if you modify RAM address $037F, that is the level that you will go to from any spot on the map. The game is unfinished and ends early so you can see more of the levels (and even BOWSER!) if you try bigger numbers in that address.

That ROM is incredibly hard to find but it's possible - I found it somehow.

IRC Channel

There are no chat rooms on IRC. And noone's ever in the channel either. Oh well.

Value display formats

I think there should be a format for displaying values, namely Hexadecimal and Decimal.

I know with some of the work I do, I like to see both right next to each other. Not only is it helpful if your math isn't so great, but it increases the readability for any newcomers to hacking. With some of the RAM maps I've been modifying, I've generally used $Hex(Dec), though I've been working with the 0x[HEX] as well. I'm not sure which one should be used, but that can be discussed.

In all honesty, I like the idea of using the 0x format for the addresses and the $Hex(Dec) format for value listings.

0x0015 -- Lolo's X position -- Always equal to 0x006D plus $0C(12). Not directly changeable.

Of course, it'd look much nicer in the chart; This is about the format of displaying values. Any feedback or comments on this would be greatly appreciated. Being an occasional organization zealot, I'm gung-ho to set a format in place and go to some of the other, less kempt pages and correct them. ^_^

P.JBoy - The way I have it: "adding numbers" (would be used for positions/momentums/health etc.) would be shown as decimal and "oring numbers" (powers of 2, would be used for button input/equiptment status etc.) would be shown as hexadecimal

Rycona - Makes sense. I sometimes make my own programs for analyzing data, depending on the situation, and since I'm lazy, I don't write the code to rework the decimal it displays into hex (which would take about 1 1/2 minutes >_<). You make a very strong argument, though. Anything more geared toward being process through more binary routines should be displayed in just Hex. I personally still have the mind set of showing all other values, or "adding numbers," as both just so you have both to work with depending on what kind of work you're doing, what suits you best, and general readability (especially for lower-level hackers such as myself).

Article Removal

The Rockman No Constancy/wikid/index.php page should probably be removed/cleared. Just a suggestion. --Rycona 12:21, 18 January 2008 (EST)

They have a lot of hacking tools that'll populate empty articles and add more to what's already here.

Also, is another of those places that are trying to centralize the scene.


hi, i am Andrewrox, an admin on [ SpongePedia], a SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki. I am pretty much t boss of the site, and i have a few tips for you: on the Main Page, add in sections with colors.Add in templates, with colors and add in specials such as: Wanted Articles, New articles, and trivia! thanks, and for examples with the main page, just check SpongePedia!

January is Community Discussion Month!

It's almost june now though ;) --Frantik 02:59, 23 May 2008 (EDT)

That message is actually from January 2007. --Case 12:18, 25 June 2008 (EDT)

The SPAM problem...

Is there anybody left here who actually has the power to do something about this? Like turn off non-logged-in editing and then be able to ban users who spam if they decide to set up accounts. It seems like almost every edit now is a spammer or someone removing the spam. :P --Case 12:22, 25 June 2008 (EDT)