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Additional (hidden) levels in the original game?

On German Wikipedia (see below) it says that there were 2 additional levels in the original game that you can only see using hacks or cheating devices and that you can't play. I personally think that refers to the SNES cartridges and not only to the Virtual Console version, but I don't know that for sure.

Unfortunately they don't provide any evidence or source for that and I can't find anything about that by myself on the internet. On for example this matter isn't mentioned at all. I can't find any pictures or videos on Google and there is nothing in the FAQs and walkthroughs on the various gaming websites.

So I wanted to ask you: Do you know anything about additional (hidden) levels in the original game?

Thanks a lot! Best regards, Kai (from Germany)

( -> "Außerdem existierten 2 weitere Spielwelten, die aber nur über Hacks oder Cheatmodule erreicht werden können, aber nicht spielbar sind.")