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Dialogue System

Script Dump

A Japanese script dump can be locate here:


Please note that this script dump has issues, such as having Bank 10 and 11 being identical.


The pointers are 2 byte little endian and each map has their separate pointer table separated by FF and these tables are extremely small. The DeJap translation totally ignores these tables as they use a complete different system.

The game decompresses the text before a map is loaded and the pointers reference the decompressed text, not compressed. Take for instance the married couple as Toltus:

$7e:c676 = woman        (01DF) (Compressed: $EC:A7D7) (uncompressed: $7E:C835)
$7e:c678 = man          (0224) (Compressed: $EC:A81F) (uncompressed: $7E:C87B)

The woman's dialogue pointer is at $7e:c676 with a value of 01DF. Also when text is decompressing, it can reference decompressed dialogue strings, as is the case with the man's dialogue.