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These are ROM offsets for the starting points of each section (all in hex), pretty sure it's headerless (latest ROM revision, has Lakmir's translation patch applied to it):

42703 - Character Sprite pointers
429e3 - Character Name pointers
42ad2 - Job IDs
42bc2 - Starting Elements
42cb0 - Starting Alignments
42dbf - Number of Magic Slots
42ead - Starting Level
42f9b - Starting HP
430bb - HP Growth
4314b - Starting MP
4326b - MP Growth
432fb - Starting Strength
4338b - Strength Growth
4341b - Starting Vitality
434ab - Vitality Growth
4353b - Starting Intelligence
435cb - Intelligence Growth
4365b - Starting Mentality
436eb - Mentality Growth
4377b - Starting Agility
4380b - Agility Growth
4389b - Starting Dexterity
4392b - Dexterity Growth
43a4c - Class Weight Penalties
43add - Physical Resistance
43b6e - Air Resistance
43bff - Fire Resistance
43c90 - Earth Resistance
43d21 - Water Resistance
43db2 - Virtue Resistance
43e43 - Bane Resistance
43ef4 - Attack+ Capability
440b1 - Species Table
441a1 - Basic Indirect Attack Type
442b0 - Magic Set that can be equipped
443a0 - Class Special Attacks (Slot 1)
4448f - Class Special Attacks (Slot 2)
4457e - Class Special Attacks (Slot 3)
4466d - Class Special Attacks (Slot 4)
4475b - Movement Types
44849 - Movement Rates
44937 - Starting Loyalties
44a26 - Weather Tolerance
451da - Item Types
452ca - Item Elements
453ba - Weapon Handedness
454aa - Item Equip Slot Locations (Finger, Head, etc.)
45655 - Item Weights
4572e - Item Strength Modifiers (Atk. Power)
4580e - Item Intelligence Modifiers
458ee - Item Agility Modifiers
459ce - Item Dexterity Modifiers
45aae - Item Vitality Modifiers
45b8e - Item Mentality Modifiers
45c6e - Item Luck Modifiers
45d4e - Item Physical Resistance (Def. Power) (signed)
45e2e - Item Air Resistance (signed)
45f0e - Item Fire Resistance (signed)
45fee - Item Earth Resistance (signed)
460ce - Item Water Resistance (signed)
461ae - Item Virtue Resistance (signed)
4628e - Item Bane Resistance (signed)
4646f - Item Prices (multiplied by 10 in-game)
46612 - Item Strength Raise at Level Up
466e4 - Item Intelligence Raise at Level Up
467b4 - Item Agility Raise at Level Up
46884 - Item Dexterity Raise at Level Up
46956 - Item Vitality Raise at Level Up
46a26 - Item Mentality Raise at Level Up
46af6 - Item Luck Raise at Level Up
46bc6 - Item Special Effects (Stuns on hit, Anti-Dragon, etc.)
46cb6 - Item Special Skills (used in the Item menu)
46d86 - Item Status Guards (immunity to petrification, etc.)
46e76 - Item Passive Effects (wearer can fly, HP regen, etc.)
47047 - Spell MP cost/Targeting Information
47172 - Spell Elements
47208 - Spell Ranges
4732f - Spell Prices (multiplied by 10 in-game)
47431 - Spell Set Modifiers
ea0dc - Class Grids (determines what you can change into)
ebba7 - Denim's Base Class
ebca1 - Denim's Initial Equipment (Slot 1)
ebcac - Denim's Initial Equipment (Slot 2)
ebcb7 - Denim's Initial Equipment (Slot 3)
ebcc2 - Denim's Initial Equipment (Slot 4)
ebc94 - Denim's Initial Spells (doesn't insert into Magic menu, need to use a JMP routine to get anything out of it)
ed61e - Item Shop pointers/data
ed6d9 - Magic Shop pointers/data
f3195 - Job Stat Requirements (what's needed to change into that job stat-wise, might also cover alignment but I couldn't tell from a glance).