Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, was a 16-bit video game console based on the Western Design Center's 65c816 processor. The Super Nintendo used ROM cartridges for gameplay. In Japan, the console was known as the Super Famicom.




The following emulators are versions of popular SNES emulators modified with debugging capabilities, perfect for ROM hacking.

More information on SNES emulators can be found at Zophar's Domain.

ROM Images

SNES ROM images generally have the extension .SMC, though both .SFC and .FIG are also common. The .SMC format was supported by most copiers.

A short list of SNES copiers (there are many more):

  • Super Wild Card
  • Super Magicom
  • Super UFO Pro
  • Super Pro Fighter Q
  • Supercom Pro
  • Supercom Partner
  • Game Doctor SF
  • Dragon Boy
  • ChameleonSNES is a homemade USB SNES dumper by team Knox. It is based on the Chameleon-USB by Optimize (Japanese only).
  • SNES Retro Flash Programmer is a USB SNES dumper and programmer. It was designed to allow you to program their 32 Mb flash cart, but this device can also dump the majority of SNES games and SRAM. Utilities are available for both Windows and Mac.
  • The Retrode is a USB device that mounts both Genesis and SNES games as a mass storage device. Copying games is as simple as a drag and drop! It also allows you to use the cart's SRAM directly in emulators. As it mounts the game as a mass storage device, it should work on any OS.