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Super Mario World (U) [!]
Company Nintendo
Header Yes
Bank LoROM
Interleaved No
Type Normal + Batt
ROM 4 Megabit
Country U.S.A
Video NTSC
ROM Speed 200ns (SlowROM)
Revision 1.0
Checksum 0xA0DA
CRC32 B19ED489
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Super Mario World was the first SNES game, and is quite possibly the most extensively hacked SNES game.


Lunar Magic is the principal Super Mario World hacking utility. It is available here.

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There are ostensibly many complete hacks of Super Mario World.

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Level Format

Super Mario World uses an object-based format to store its levels. These objects are grouped into 4 main categories:

  • Standard objects
  • Tileset specific Objects
  • Extended Objects
  • Direct MAP16 Objects

Standard objects
Standard objects are are items such as coins and pipes that use mainly the first page of 8x8 and 16x16 tiles.

Tileset Specific Objects
Tileset specific objects are objects lists chosen by level tileset, and mainly use graphics from the second 8x8 page, and both normal MAP16 pages. These objects, being tileset specific, are not available nearly as widely as other objects.

Extended Objects
These objects are objects that were so far out to left field, or just used so rarely, they were stored in their own definition.

Direct MAP16 objects
An ASM hack by FuSoYa added by Lunar Magic allows hackers to incorporate specific tiles in the MAP16 tables into a level. Normally, you would need a special object to do so, which is one reason for the disproportionate number of extended objects one tile high and one tile wide.


RATS tags are some of the most important tags in an SMW ROM to a hacker. These tags are a way of reserving sections of the SMW ROM for your own use, so that it will not be overwritten by Lunar Magic. The format of the tag is quite simple, but seems complex from how it is explained elsewhere.

First, you have the ASCII text string "STAR" to write in. Then, you have a 16-bit number of the amount of bytes you want to reserve. Second, you have another 16-bit number that is the reverse of the first number. To get this number easily, just take the number 0xFFFF and subtract your first number from it. BE SURE TO BYTESWAP THESE NUMBERS! (Byteswapping is basically 0x1DAF = 0xAF1D) After that, you can place your data following the tag. Contrary to what was written here in the past, you do not need to add an extra byte with value 0xFF after your data. This has been confirmed by FuSoYa himself.

Be sure to avoid RATS tags within RATS tags as Lunar Magic may or may not notice this.

A few tips are listed below:

  • Again, byteswap the first two numbers before you add them to the RATS tag.
  • Need help with hexadecimal? Launch Calculator and switch to Scientific mode. Then, click either Dec for decimal to hex conversions, or Hex for hex to decimal conversions.
  • Calculator is your friend when you are doing math with hexadecimal.
  • Your RATS tag should be exactly 8 bytes.
  • For example, if you want to protect 10 bytes (0x0A in hex) your RATS tag would be 53 54 41 52 0A 00 F5 FF. Using Translhextion, that would show up as STAR..õÿ


There are many resources available to SMW hackers. They include;
Please add links to these as you can. Please also add more to this list.

  • BMF54123's HDMA System
  • d4s' HDMA system
  • DJ Bouche's SMB3 and SMB1 music patches
  • Sukasa's HDMA Minikit 1
  • MikeyK's screen-scrolling pipes
  • Glyph Pheonix's many little ASM hacks
  • BMF54123's LevelASM and LevelNames


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