Super Mario Bros. 3:ROM map

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NOTE: All values in Table are Hexadecimal unless noted otherwise.

Address Purpose
00000-0000F Emulation header
0BFD8-0E00D Enemy-Level Defs.
10539-1053C sm/big/rac Mario Palette
1053D-10540 sm/big/rac Luigi Palette
10541-10544 Fire Mario/Luigi Palette
10549-1054C Frog Mario/Luigi Palette
1054D-10550 Tanooki Mario/Luigi Palette
10551-10554 Hammer Mario/Luigi Palette
1A587-1C005 Underground Level Defs.
185BA-19101 Overworld Maps
1E010-1E3FF Background level sprites
1E512-20005 Plain Level Defs.
20587-22005 Hilly Level Defs.
227E0-24005 Ice-Sky Level Defs.
24BA7-26005 Pipe-Water Level Defs.
26A6F-28C05 Cloudy-Giant-Pirahna Plant Level Defs.
28F3F-2A005 Desert Level Defs.
2A7F7-2C005 Dungeon Level Defs.
2EC07-30005 Ship Level Defs.
36DAA-36DAD Palette for Lava (and some Rotodisc hubs)
36DFE-36E01 Palette for Bowser (and some Donut Lifts)
3AC10-3AC60 Mario/Luigi Sprite Ptr Table
3AC61-3AE46 Mario/Luigi Sprite Raw Data
3AE47-3AE97 Mario/Luigi Sprite Tile Set used
3FF22-3FF39 Code: Controller Read SubRoutine?
40010-6000F Graphic Tiles Raw Data