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Streets of Rage 3 / Bare Knuckle 3 Font Tables (Version 1.1)

(C) 2001, 2002 Jonathan Hughson - Released 09/08/02


This table allows the editing of anything written in the "blue" font, such as the status bar text (ie player, weapon & punk names) and any menu text.

You will notice that in between any text in this format there is a byte of value 86 (this refers to the text's location in RAM and its palette number). I have used a "+" to represent this so you can search for text easily. This means that to search for "AXEL" you would enter "A+X+E+L".

5AA - Territory Lockout Text 32F6 - Player/Punk Status Bar Names 3866 - Weapon Status Bar Names 5498 - Player Names (not sure where used) 6F9E - Player Names (minus Ash & Shiva - character select screen?) 713A - End of Duel Text E904 - Press 2up Start EBEA - Select Player EDAA - Continue Text 13B18 - Title Screen (note: 0340 0341 0342 0343 is the SEGA logo) 13C9A - Main Menu 487A7 - Character Select Screen (height, weight, number of stars) 489EB - Duel Round Select Names 4A964 - Options (lots of smaller text from this spread out below) 4ABE0 - Difficulties 4B404 - Controls

B5= BD=- BE=. C0=0 C1=1 C2=2 C3=3 C4=4 C5=5 C6=6 C7=7 C8=8 C9=9 CA=* CD=@ CE=A CF=B D0=C D1=D D2=E D3=F D4=G D5=H D6=I D7=J D8=K D9=L DA=M DB=N DC=O DD=P DE=Q DF=R E0=S E1=T E2=U E3=V E4=W E5=X E6=Y E7=Z 86=+


This table will allow you to edit the ROM header, the letter intro and the text of the two Round 7(A) endings. Remember that text in this format is often not all upper-case.

100 - Header Text 27D8A2 - Letter Intro 27DAE8 - Round 7(A) Good Ending 27DD1E - Round 7(A) Bad Ending

20= 27=' 28=( 29=) 2C=, 2D=- 2E=. 31=1 32=2 33=3 34=4 35=5 36=6 37=7 38=8 39=9 41=A 42=B 43=C 44=D 45=E 46=F 47=G 48=H 49=I 4A=J 4B=K 4C=L 4D=M 4E=N 4F=O 50=P 51=Q 52=R 53=S 54=T 55=U 56=V 57=W 58=X 59=Y 5A=Z 61=a 62=b 63=c 64=d 65=e 66=f 67=g 68=h 69=i 6A=j 6B=k 6C=l 6D=m 6E=n 6F=o 70=p 71=q 72=r 73=s 74=t 75=u 76=v 77=w 78=x 79=y 7A=z


This table edits the cut scene text and the character information screens. Again, remember that text in this format is often not all upper-case.

246256 - Character Info Screens 2463F8 - Cut Scenes 2488C4 - Weird Unused Text

00= 0B=A 0C=B 0D=C 0E=D 0F=E 10=F 11=G 12=H 13=I 14=J 15=K 16=L 17=M 18=N 19=O 1A=P 1B=Q 1C=R 1D=S 1E=T 1F=U 20=V 21=W 22=X 23=Y 24=Z 25=a 26=b 27=c 28=d 29=e 2A=f 2B=g 2C=h 2D=i 2E=j 2F=k 30=l 31=m 32=n 33=o 34=p 35=q 36=r 37=s 38=t 39=u 3A=v 3B=w 3C=x 3D=y 3E=z 4A=? 4B=! 46=. 62=' 67=,


This table edits the ending credits.

Important Note: You will notice that there is a byte of value 00 in between each character. As with the SOR3NAMES table, I have represented this with a "+" to allow for easy searching. However, 00 is also the value for "A". This means that if you encounter something like +W+++N+T+E+R, you have to remember that any "+" in between two "+"s is in fact an "A" (so in the example given you would read it as WANTER)

46918 - Ending Credits

00=+ 01=B 02=C 03=D 04=E 05=F 06=G 07=H 08=I 09=J 0A=K 0B=L 0C=M 0D=N 0E=O 0F=P 10=Q 11=R 12=S 13=T 14=U 15=V 16=W 17=X 18=Y 19=Z 1A=. 1C=- 23=

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