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Audio Data
Game Star Fox
Start Address 0x0C0000
End Address 0x0EFFFF
# of Entries unknown
Entry Length unknown
Total Length 196,608 bytes
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Audio Data

Audio clips are stored in BRR format.

Offset  Size    Description
------- ----    -----------
 0x00   1       Flags
 0x01   8       16 Samples (4-bits each)

The first byte contains flags that apply to all of the samples in this block. If bit 0 is set, then this is the last block of the audio clip. If bit 1 is set, this block should be played in a loop. (Since loop information is handled separately, in the audio directory, the loop bit is most likely ignored.)

The high nibble (4-bits) of the Flags field specifies the number of bits that each sample in this block should be shifted to the left.

The rest of the Flags field (bits 2-3) control a custom filter to be applied to each sample in the block. There are 4 possible filter values.