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  • ...Trigger hacking utility. It is available at [ Geiger's Crypt]. There are also a few hacking documents available there. ...igger Editor Companion] coded by JCE3000GT. Designed to be a companion to Geiger's/Evil Peer's Editor. It edits some things his does not.
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  • ...and use If checks. Read the Memory Locations.txt of the Offsets Guide from Geiger's Crypt to find out how the clock values are stored. in memory (It's 8 bytes off) but it's easy enough to see where using Geiger's Debugger RAM viewer. (That's why my comparison checks are checking a diff
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  • * Open the ROM in a debugging emulator (I use Geiger's Snes9x debugging version). * You might see something like this as the breakpoint is hit four times (On Geiger Snes9x, hit the "Run" button to get to the next breakpoint).
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  • * [ Geiger's Snes9x Debugger]
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