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These are used for the level select menu, among other things.

Hex Character
--- ---------
00=0 01=1 02=2 03=3 04=4 05=5 06=6 07=7 08=8 09=9 11=A 12=B 13=C 14=D 15=E 16=F 17=G 18=H 19=I 1A=J 1B=K 1C=L 1D=M 1E=N 1F=O 20=P 21=Q 22=R 23=S 24=T 25=U 26=V 27=W 28=X 0F=Y 10=Z FF=Space 0A=$ 0B=- 0C== 0D=-> (right=arrow) OE=-> (right=arrow)</pre>