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{{SNES| title = Shadowrun

|image =

Shadowrun Title.PNG

|name = Shadowrun |company = Data East |header = SWC |bank = LoROM |interleaved = No |sram = 64 KbTemplate:Teen |rom = 8 Mb |country = USA |romspeed = 120ns (FastROM) |video = NTSC |checksTemplate:Teen

Template:Not Extensively Hacked


No known utilities exist for editing Shadowrun. A text dumper has been written, however.

==Hacks==Template:Teen No known Shadowrun hacks exist.


Shadowrun makes use of apparent [[EndianTemplate:Teenness|big-endian]] values in some of its data tables, an oddity on the Super Nintendo's little-endian architecture. Nearly all oTemplate:Teen

Known Dumps

  • Shadowrun (Beta)
  • Shadowrun (E)
  • Shadowrun (G)
  • Shadowrun (J)
  • Shadowrun (SW)
  • Shadowrun (U) [!]

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