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These are file addresses for the unheadered ROM.

105116 - Enemy Movement and AI data (Each enemy entry ending with FF)
101DFA - Enemy Stats (First entry - Rabite)
D03A50 - Rabite Treasure Chest Drop percentage
D03A53 - Rabite Treasure Chest Item Dropped
D8FB9C - Item Prices in stores (First entry - Candy)

Stat related data

==Main Character==

Level 1
0x104013 : Strength
0x104014 : Agility
0x104015 : Constitution
0x104016 : Intelligence
0x104017 : Wisdom
Level 2 is $28 or 40 bytes ahead.
The rest of the levels (to 99) probably follow the same pattern.

Map related data

Potos Village

A933F - Music byte for Potos Village
A9340 - Fade out time for previous song and echo effect of currnet song
A9341 - Music volume related
A9342 - Unknown
A9343 - Event after music fades upon entering location
A9344 - Also an event byte upon entering location