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These are file addresses for the unheadered ROM.

105116 - Enemy Movement and AI data (Each enemy entry ending with FF)
101DFA - Enemy Stats (First entry - Rabite)
D03A50 - Rabite Treasure Chest Drop percentage
D03A53 - Rabite Treasure Chest Item Dropped
D8FB9C - Item Prices in stores (First entry - Candy)

Stat related data

Main Character

Level 1
0x104213 : Strength
0x104214 : Agility
0x104215 : Constitution
0x104216 : Intelligence
0x104217 : Wisdom
Level 2 is $28 or 40 bytes ahead.
The rest of the levels (to 99) probably follow the same pattern.

Music Data

33D39 SPC pointers
33F22 Sample indexes

BRR Data

BRRs (dumped directly from the ROM)

(showing direct copy/paste from the ROM)

8247C3 = 38247



SPC Sequence Data

SPCs (also using the raw copy/paste data from the ROM

3DD3C4 Into the Thick of It
430FC5 Flight into the Unknown
3F96C5 Star of Darkness
56FCC5 Prophecy
78F0C4 Danger
E4FDC4 Far Thunder
B806C5 The Wind Nevere Ceases
4B0AC5 Close your Eyelids
630BC5 Spirit of the Night
AFD7C4 The Fairy Child
BF1FC5 What the Forest Taught Me
DA22C5 Eternal Recurrence
232FC5 Oracle
CB37C5 Tell a Strange Tale
1942C5 Into the Thick of It 2
6647C5 Rose and Ghost

E14BC5 Did You See the Sea?
7A53C5 The Color of the Summer Sky
855AC5 Menu
645CC5 The Legend
FBDEC4 The Orphan of the Storm
ADE7C4 Eight Ringing Bells
F266C5 Dancing Beasts
336BC5 Victory
466CC5 Boss Defeated
FE6CC5 Cannon Travel Launch
926DC5 Cannon Travel
426FC5 Ceremony
7DA2C5 Always Together
5271C5 A Prayer and a Whisper
2A74C5 Burning Castle (?)
0375C5 Happenings on a Moonlight Night

E77AC5 A Curious Happening
4981C5 Unknown Fanfare (?)
44A1C5 Midge Mallet
0E84C5 Unknown Fanfare (?)
D181C5 A Wish
1C85C5 Monarch on the Shore
CA8DC5 Steel and Traps
3E9BC5 Pure Night
00ACC5 Flammie Coming
EA9EC5 Kind Memories
0CA8C5 The Holy Intruder
48ADC5 In the Darkness' Depths
95AEC5 Angel's Fear
EBB7C5 Grumble (?)
58B8C5 Mara's Key
29B9C5 Got an Item

03BAC5 Elemental Acquired
D0BAC5 Give Love its Rightful Time
B0C5C5 The Second Truth From the Left
5DC4C5 The Curse
B0DFC5 I Won't Forget
1BE1C5 Ally Joins
E5E1C5 To Reach Tomorrow
62E6C5 One of Them is Hope
E2E8C5 A Conclusion
F8E9C5 Meridian Dance
60F9C5 The Wings No Longer Beat
E2E8C5 A Conclusion
E2E8C5 A Conclusion
E2E8C5 A Conclusion
E2E8C5 A Conclusion
E2E8C5 A Conclusion (wtf?)

SPC Sequence Commands

00-0D - Play note, C
0E-1B - Play note, C#
1C-29 - Play note, D
2A-37 - Play note, D#
38-45 - Play note, E
46-53 - Play note, F
54-61 - Play note, F#
62-6F - Play note, G
70-7D - Play note, G#
7E-8B - Play note, A
8C-99 - Play note, A#
9A-A7 - Play note, B
A8-BF - Play note, B#
C0-CE - rest

D2 xx - set instrument volume to xx
D3 xx - ???
D4 xx - pan channel left or right [$00 = Right, $64 = middle, $FF = Left] (reverse stereo)
D7 ss tt dd - Vibrato: ss = speed, tt = time until vibrato, dd = depth
E0 - Vibrato off?
E1 - ???
E2 - ???
E3 - ???
E4 xx - change pitch to xx
E5 xx - lenth of next note is xx
EA xx - change instrument to xx
F0 xx yy - ???
F1 - ???
F2 - end of channel
F3 xx - change tempo to xx
F4 - ???
F5 xx - set reverb to xx
F6 - ???
F7 xx yy - ???
F8 xx - set global SPC volume to xx
FF - end of sequence?

Map related data

Potos Village

A933F - Music byte for Potos Village
A9340 - Fade out time for previous song and echo effect of currnet song
A9341 - Music volume related
A9342 - Unknown
A9343 - Event after music fades upon entering location
A9344 - Also an event byte upon entering location

Exit Data

Exit Data (4 bytes each)
C83000 - SNES Address
83000 - File Address

    *Byte 1 - Destination
*Byte 2 - Destination X coord
*Byte 3 - Destination Y coord
*Byte 4 - Destination entrance style