Secret of Evermore

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Secret of Evermore has not yet been extensively hacked.




No known utilities exist specifically for editing Secret of Evermore. A savestate editor known only as SOE Save State Editor has been written. Additionally, a number of Nightmare modules for the game exist.


The SoE 2 Player Addition hack implements a two-player system in Secret of Evermore similar to that used in Secret of Mana. Another hacker has written some bugfix patches to fix some of the bugs in Secret of Evemore.


A debug menu at least partially remains in the game; see Secret of Evermore debug menu. A normally unaccessable map known as Brian's Test Ground exists in the game's map list; it is still possible to view the map, but if objects ever existed on it, they do not seem to be able to be loaded. The game's list of spells contains several unusued spells, including one which accessable but mostly dummied. Strange, unused, and testing text is scattered throughouht the ROM, in addition to what looks like a chunk of C programming code.

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