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The text in Super Mario World is stored similar to an ASCII string in the ROM for most texts, the only difference being that differnt values mean A, and so forth. The exception to that rule is the text for Bowser, since that uses a special 4-byte data packet to describe the individual letters.

===NOTE:=== If you change the grphics files dcescribed, these descriptions may not fully apply.

Message Box and OW text

Message box and OW text supports both large and small letters. The Capital letters begin at 0x00 in the L3 graphics file, and the small letters begin at 0x40 in the same file. Numbers are stored, starting with 0, at entry 0x22.

Title Screen and Status Bar Text

Text for the title Screen and Status Bar is stored in a differnt graphics file, and uses a differnt format. This time, the numers go from 0x00 to 0x09, from 0 to 9. This time, you do not hafve small letters, only capital ones. These letters start with "A" at 0x0A in the graphics file.

Bowser Text

This section needs to be filled out.