River City Ransom

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Rookie City Battle
River City Ransom Title.png
Mapper No. 4
Mapper Name Nintendo MMC3
PRG-ROM Pages 8 x 16kB
CHR-ROM Pages 16 x 8kB
Mirroring Vertical
4-Screen Mirroring No
SRAM Enabled No
ROM map | RAM map | Text table | Notes | Tutorials


(note: Please insert any utilitieherS


This game is already a hack but people like to rehack it so its better lolz

Known Dumps

  • RookCityBat (U Hack)
  • RookCityBat PALport (E Hack)
  • RukiSitiBatoru JAPTrans by tremorTranslatez (U Hack)

External Links

The company site shut down 8 years ago so theres no link soz

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