Pokémon Trading Card Game:RAM map

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Address Size    Description
------- ----    -----------
 A101    227    Cards (including built decks) (SRAM)
 C001    227    Cards (excluding built decks)
 C200     60    P1 card positions during battle
 C27E     60    P1 deck card order during battle
 C2BB      6    P1 Pokémon on the field IDs
 C2C8      6    P1 Pokémon HPs
 C300     60    P2 card positions during battle
 C37E     60    P2 deck card order during battle
 C3BB      6    P2 Pokémon on the field IDs
 C3C8      6    P2 Pokémon HPs
 C400     60    During battle : P1 deck
                Out of battle : Booster pack
 C480     60    P2 deck
 CF68     31    Number of cards in selected color (deck builder)
 CAC5      1    Time (frames)
 CAC6      1    Time (seconds)
 CAC7      1    Time (minutes)
 CAC8      2    Time (hours)
 CACA      2    Pseudo Random Number
                Its value changes on:
                • coin toss (once)
                • deck shuffle (once)
                • random Attack (e. g. Lv. 68 Zapdos's Big Thunder) (once)
                • random Pokémon Power (e. g. L. 40 Moltres's Firegiver) (once)
                • CPU cheating (rerolled until desired result)
                • character selection (every frame)
                • new game / continue menu (every frame)
                • start menu (every frame)
                • building (every 60 frames)
 CACC      1    PRNG advance in menus and buildings
 CC0B      1    Number of Energy cards played this turn
 CC0D      1    Current player's turn
 CDD2      1    P1 Prizes left
 D0BB      1    Room ID
 D11E     14    Mails
 D3D2      1    Medals