Pokémon Red and Blue:TBL

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4F== 57=# 51=* 52=A1 53=A2 54=PK 55=+ 58=$ 7F= 80=A 81=B 82=C 83=D 84=E 85=F 86=G 87=H 88=I 89=J 8A=K 8B=L 8C=M 8D=N 8E=O 8F=P 90=Q 91=R 92=S 93=T 94=U 95=V 96=W 97=X 98=Y 99=Z 9C=: A0=a A1=b A2=c A3=d A4=e A5=f A6=g A7=h A8=i A9=j AA=k AB=l AC=m AD=n AE=o AF=p B0=q B1=r B2=s B3=t B4=u B5=v B6=w B7=x B8=y B9=z BA=‚ BC='l BD='s BE='t BF='v E0=' E1=PK E2=MN E3=- E4='r E5='m E6=? E7=! E8=. F4=, F6=0 F7=1 F8=2 F9=3 FA=4 FB=5 FC=6 FD=7 FE=8 FF=9