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[[Pokémon Red: Dark and Steel Types]]
[[Pokémon Red: Dark and Steel Types]]

'''Pokemon Blue Hacks:'''
'''Pokemon Blue Hacks:'''

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Pokemon Red/Blue
Pokemon Red Title.PNG
Internal Name Pokemon Red/Blue
Region Code JP/KO or US/EU/CN
Type Grayscale
SGB Support Yes
Cartridge Type ROM + MBC3 + RAM + Battery
License Code 01 (NINTENDO)
ROM Size 1MB
ROM Checksum Unknown
SRAM Size 256 Kbit
Header Checksum Unknown
ROM map | RAM map | Text table | Notes | Tutorials

Pokémon First Generation has been extensively hacked.



Pokemon Red Hacks:

Oak's Dream 2

Pokemon: Aqua

Pokemon Brown

Pokemon Brown 2009

Pokemon: Generations

Pokemon: Girl

Pokemon Nexus


Pokemon II

Pokemon Neo: Adventure

Pokemon: Red Edition (Advanced)

Pokemon: Revolution

Pokemon TRE: Team Rocket Edition

Pokemon Violet

Pokemon Z



Pokemon Red (Dragon Version)

Pokémon Red: Dark and Steel Types

Pokemon Blue Hacks:

Pokemon: Blue Before Elite

Pokemon Blue Edition: Enhanced

Pokemon: Breeders Edition


Dude, Where's My Char?

Pokemon Grey

Meowth's Adventure

Pokemon Neo: Rocket

Oak's Dream

Pokemon: Trep Edition

Adult Themed



Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow has been hacked many times, but many people have given up due to the way the game is coded, which is very disorganized. A few hackers are still working on this game.

Known Dumps

  • Pocket Monsters - Red Version (J) (V1.0) [S]
  • Pocket Monsters - Red Version (J) (V1.1) [S]
  • Pocket Monsters - Blue Version (J) [S]
  • Pokemon Red (UE) [S][!]
  • Pocket Monsters - Blue Version (J) [S]
  • Pokemon - Blue Version (UE) [S][!]

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