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{{Internal Data|game=Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen}}

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English Lettering Hex to Text Table.

$15   ß
$1B   é
$A1   0
$A2   1
$A3   2
$A4   3
$A5   4
$A6   5
$A7   6
$A8   7
$A9   8
$AA   9
$AB   !
$AE   -
$AF   ...
$B0   ..
$B1   «
$B2   »
$B3   <
$B4   '
$B5   |m|
$B6   |w|
$B7   $
$B8   ,
$B9   *
$BA   /
$BB   A
$BC   B
$BD   C
$BE   D
$BF   E
$C0   F
$C1   G
$C2   H
$C3   I
$C4   J
$C5   K
$C6   L
$C7   M
$C8   N
$C9   O
$CA   P
$CB   Q
$CC   R
$CD   S
$CE   T
$CF   U
$D0   V
$D1   W
$D2   X
$D3   Y
$D4   Z
$D5   a
$D6   b
$D7   c
$D8   d
$D9   e
$DA   f
$DB   g
$DC   h
$DD   i
$DE   j
$DF   k
$E0   l
$E1   m
$E2   n
$E3   o
$E4   p
$E5   q
$E6   r
$E7   s
$E8   t
$E9   u
$EA   v
$EB   w
$EC   x
$ED   y
$EE   z
$EF   |>|
$F0   :
$F1   Ä
$F2   Ö
$F3   Ü

Internal Data for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

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