Phantasy Star Generation 2

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Phantasy Star Generation 2
Phantasy Star Generation 2 Title.png
Game Phantasy Star Generation 2
Developer 3D Ages
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Release Dates 03/24/05
Versions (JP) SLPM-62553
Discs 1x CDROM
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More non-ROM hacking specific information can be found at Wikipedia's Phantasy_Star_Generation_2 article.


  • CUE has released a decompressor, and various converters (the script inserter does fail sometimes), downloadable at this thread on board. Sources are not available.
  • RodolfoRG has released a decompressor, downloadable here, sources included, and a document (in portuguese) describing the compression.


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A file listing is available on the ROM map page for this game.

There are notes about the compression scheme and files formats for this game.

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