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The TMX format is a format developed by Atlus used to display textures in-game. The format has been used in a wide variety of Atlus games developed for the PS2.

Format specification


Offset Type Size Description
0x00 Int32 4 ID of this chunk, always 2 for TMX files
0x04 Int32 4 Size of this chunk, including the header
0x08 UInt32 4 FourCC, identifier of this chunk, always "0x30584D54" or "TMX0" in ASCII
0x0C Int32 4 Unused

Texture format settings

Offset Type Size Description
0x10 Byte 1 Number of palettes present. 0 if no palette is present.
0x11 Byte 1 GS pixel format of the palette
0x12 Int16 2 Image Width
0x14 Int16 2 Image Height
0x16 Byte 1 GS pixel format of the image
0x17 Byte 1 Number of mip levels; usually 0
0x18 Byte 1 Mipmap K value
0x19 Byte 1 Mipmap L value
0x1A UInt16 2 Unknown value; usually 0xFF00
0x1C Int32 4 Texture ID; usually 0
0x20 Int32 4 Palette ID; usually 0
0x24 String 28 User comment