Persona 3 and 4

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Persona 3 and 4
Game Persona 3 and 4
Developer Atlus
Designer Katsura Hashino
Artists Shigenori Soejima
Composer Shoji Meguro
Release Dates
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RMD Files (Models)

There are a few utilities for exporting RMD files to a more usable format. One is a MaxScript for importing them to 3DS Max, and can then be exported to a better format. Supports bones and automatically applies textures.

RMDViewer can be used to export RMD files to the .OBJ format. It also automatically exports textures to the .tga format.

RMDTool can export meshes to the obj format. It can also import them back to the RMD format.

TMX Files (Icons)

Using the TMXExtractor, Nocturne's left over TMXEditor and the TMXImporter, it is possible to import your own custom icons.

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