Persona 3 and 4

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Persona 3 and 4
Game Persona 3 and 4
Developer Atlus
Designer Katsura Hashino
Artists Shigenori Soejima
Composer Shoji Meguro
Release Dates
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RMD Files (Models)

Using an RMD viewer, it is possible to open and inspect the models packaged in .cvm files within Persona 3 or Persona 4's iso. There is very little knowledge about these filetypes documented online, so the purpose of most of the files is up for speculation. A file listing is available on the ROM map. More information can be found here: RMD (File Format)

TMX Files (Icons)

Using the TMXExtractor, Nocturne's left over TMXEditor and the TMXImporter, it is possible to import your own custom icons.

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