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Input Explanation

The value is in binary [1].

Bit Location Input
0000000x Right
000000x0 Left
00000x00 Down
0000x000 Up
000x0000 Start
00x00000 Select
0x000000 B
x0000000 A

Example: Holding Right, B, and A will give 11000001 (or 0xC1).

PPU Type Explanation

The value is in binary.

Bit Location Function
0000000x Disable Color Blend
000000x0 Extend BG to Left
00000x00 (Doesn't do anything)
0000x000 Render BG (Background)
000x0000 Render OBJ (Object)
00x00000 Red Color Overlay
0x000000 Green Color Overlay
x0000000 Blue Color Overlay

Example: 011 01 010 (00101010, or 2A in hexadecimal) will add a yellow color overlay, rendering non-objects (such as the background and the HUD), as well extending the background to the left.

PPU Color Overlay List

Value Color 1 Color 2 Color 3
000 666666 ADADAD FFFFFF
001 7E5D4B D69E80 FFE9BD
010 506E59 89BB98 CAFFE0
011 676342 B0A970 FFF9A6
100 5C6882 9CB1DC E6FFFF
101 685C63 B09DA9 FFE7F9
110 4B640A 80AA11 BCFB19
111 4C4C4C 818181 BFBFBF

Internal Data for Panic Restaurant

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