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ROM Default Value Information
0x012D27 0x02 Cookie's Default Starting Lives
0x0150E6 0x00 Cookie's Item from Getting Hurt
0x01C850 0x01 ???
  • 0x00 - Invulnerable against insta-kill obstacles, jumping kills you.
  • 0x01 - Functions normally.
  • 0x02 - Invulnerable against insta-kill obstacles.
0x01C56D 0x01 Cookie's Acceleration Going Right
0x01C579 0xFF Cookie's Acceleration Going Left (Buggy when trying to change)
0x01CF7E 0x02 Cookie's State with 0 Health
0x01D383 0x08 Something to do with Cookie's graphic at 0 Health
0x01D38B 0x06 Something to do with Cookie's graphic at 0 Health
0x01F462 0x02 Cookie's Default Starting Health

Internal Data for Panic Restaurant

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