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RAM Function Details
0x0071 Option menu 00: One Player, 01: Two Players
0x0083 Frame timer Reset everytime a power pellet is eaten. Also used for other stuff.
0x00BB Time until ghosts turn around (180°) Based on 0x0083.
0x00D1 Edible ghosts timer Based on 0x0083; The time ghosts stay blue.
0x00D2 Edible ghosts timer 2 Based on 0x0083; decreases if 0x00D1 = 00; The time ghosts flash.
0x00DB Current speed Max: FF
0x00DE Lives
0x00E2 Level Selection
0x00EF Score x00000
0x00F0 Score 0x0000
0x00F1 Score 00x000
0x00F2 Score 000x00
0x00F3 Score 0000x0

Internal Data for Pac-Mania

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