Nintendo Entertainment System

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Nintendo Entertainment System
NES system.jpg
Manufacturer Nintendo
CPU Ricoh RP2A03 (1.97mhz)
GPU Ricoh RP2C02 PPU
Players supported 2 (with NES Four Score, 4)

The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, was a video game console based around the NMOS Technology 6502. The custom chip was produced by Ricoh, and named the RP2A03 processor. The NES utilized ROM cartridges for gameplay.




The most useful NES emulator for hacking purposes is FCEUXD SP which includes a Trace Logger, a built-in Hex Editor, a Name Table Viewer, Code/Data Logger, Inline Assembler, and Game Genie Decoder/Encoder, PPU Viewer, and a Debugger with Conditional Breakpoints and Symbolic Debugging.

ROM Images

NES ROM images generally have the extension .NES and are organized according to the iNES format. Another format, UNIF (Universal NES Interchange Format), hopes to replace iNES.

Copiers & Flash Cartridges

  • Schematics of an old copier by Marat Fayzullin are available here.
  • The IO-56 is a homemade NES dumper by Pascal Felber.
  • ChameleonNES is a home made USB NES dumper by team Knox. It is based on the Chameleon-USB by Optimize (Japanese only). Unfortunately, ChameleonNES can only dump cartridges without a memory mapper.
  • The NES Funky Flash Cart is a home made USB prototype flash cartridge. It has somewhat limited ROM support, but its compatibility will increase as the author adds more support for different mappers. More info can be found here.