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RAM Function Detail
0x0056 Current Pattern Table 1
0x0059 Current Pattern Table 2
0x001e Paused $0x00=$0x80 = yes
0x0060 Score adds x*100
0x0061 Score adds x*25600
0x0062 Ms timer, counts down from 60 (0x3c) to 0
0x0063 timer
0x0064 Ninja power
0x0065 Player HP maximum is $0x10
0x0066 Boss HP display maximum is $0x10
0x0076 Lives
0x0080 Player state
0x0081 Frame counter
0x0082 Frame counter 2
0x0083 Player frame
0x0084 Player sprite flags flipping, layer, etc
0x0089 Player y velocity
0x008a Player y
0x008c In air 0x00 = in air 0x10 = on ground
0x0090 Player hit box top
0x0095 Player invincible time
0x00a3 Player x position in stage (scroll)
0x00bf Counter counts up
0x00c8 Sp weapons active (first 3 bits)
0x00c9 Current special weapon 81 = small stars
0x00ca Weapon graphics
0x00f4 Length of tone playing?
0x0400-0x0407 Enemy type
0x0410- Enemy state
0x0450- Enemy x speed
0x0460-0x0467 Enemy x position
0x0470- Enemy y velocity
0x0480-0x0487 Enemy y position
0x0490-0497 Enemy HP
0x04bb Sp1 x position
0x04bc Sp2 x position
0x04bd Sp3 x position

Internal Data for Ninja Gaiden

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