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I have no idea what to put here.

data.lst: Data Index File

Data index file common to Falcom PSP games. Always located in user root, which is ROOT\PSP_GAME\USRDIR.

Header data:

0x0: WORD file size (own size)

0x4...0x400: Extension strings. Four-byte entries with up to three characters and padded with nulls.

0x400...EOF: 16-byte directory entries.

Directory entries:

0x0...0x8: File or folder name. If necessary, padded to 8 bytes with nulls. For user root, this value is 8 null bytes.

0x8...0xC: For file entries, this is file size. For folder entries, this is number of sub-objects (files and subfolders), not including self.

0xC...0xF: For file entries, specifies LBA. WORD, but the most significant byte is assumed to be 00 and omitted. Zero for folder entries.

0xF...0x10: For file entries, specifies extension as an index into the extension strings table in the header. Zero for folder entries.

Archive Files

Archive file format common to Falcom PSP games.


0x0...0x10: WORD number of files in archive. This WORD is repeated four times.


0x20 byte entries for each file within archive.

0x0...0x10: Filename in 8.3 format (name.ext), padded with nulls.

0x10...0x14: WORD Offset within archive.

0x14...0x18: WORD. For archived files, file size. For compressed files, compressed size.

0x18...0x1C: WORD. For archived files, zero. For compressed files, decompressed size.

0x1C...0x20: WORD. Always zero.

Compressed files are compressed using FALCOM3.

Internal Data for Nayuta no Kiseki

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