Mother 2

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Mother 2
Mother 2 Title (animated).gif
Name Mother 2
Company Nintendo
Bank HiROM
Interleaved No
Type Normal + Batt
Country Japan
Video NTSC
ROM Speed
Revision {{{revision}}}
Checksum Good
CRC32 2019FABE
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No known utilities exist specifically for editing Mother 2.


No known hacks currently exist.


This game was originally released in Japan for the Super Famicom on August 27, 1994. Mother 2 was later retitled EarthBound and released in the United States for the Super NES on June 5, 1995. It was also rereleased in a compilation titled Mother 1+2 in Japan for the Game Boy Advance on June 20, 2003.

Known Dumps

  • Mother 2 (J)
  • Mother 2 (J) [b1]
  • Mother 2 (J) [b1+C]
  • Mother 2 (J) [b2]
  • Mother 2 (J) [f1]
  • Mother 2 (J) [f1+C]
  • EarthBound (U) [!]
  • EarthBound (U) [f1]
  • EarthBound (U) [f1+C]
  • EarthBound (U) [f2]
  • EarthBound (U) [f3]
  • EarthBound (U) [t1]
  • EarthBound (U) [T+Spa091b_Tanero]

External Links

  • PK Hack Forum - the central hub for hackers of the Mother/EarthBound series
  • Mother 2 vs. EarthBound - a comparison of the two games, specifically, what was changed during localization