Metroid Zero Mission:ROM map

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  • 340AD4 - Beginning of room header data
  • 75FAE4 - Pointer to the scrolling for the first room in the game.
  • 33E608 - Beginning of the door data for the first room in the game.
  • 345AB6 - Block attributes(like what weapon destroys which special block).
  • 75FAA8 - Pointer to door data for the first room in the game.
  • 2CCA88 - Properties related to Skree
  • 2B0EAB - Start of enemy data.
  • 3654D8 - Block properties clipping.
  • 3655A0 - Special Blocks TSA.
  • 3601D0 - Start of door state data(a door state is when a door destination is replaced upon a certain event, and is used when big changes to a room is to be made).
  • 3459C4 - tank quantities for missile, supers, power bombs and energy tanks. Each has 3 entries for the 3 difficulty levels.
  • 7D8000-7F7733 - NES Metroid data