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(projectiles (not 100% sure on the projectile type))
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|- style=background:#ccccff
|- style=background:#ccccff
!'''RAM'''  || '''Information'''
!'''RAM'''  || '''Information'''
|2026000-2028FFE || Clipdata
|203821D || Slot A area number
|203821D || Slot A area number

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RAM Information
2026000-2028FFE Clipdata
203821D Slot A area number
203821E Slot A room number
203821E Slot A door number
203941D Slot A area number back-up
203941E Slot A room number back-up
203941F Slot A door number back-up
203A61D Slot B area number
203A61E Slot B room number
203A61F Slot B door number
203B81D Slot B area number back-up
203B81E Slot B room number back-up
203B81F Slot B door number back-up
203CA1D Slot C area number
203CA1E Slot C room number
203CA1F Slot C door number
203DC1D Slot C area number back-up
203DC1E Slot C room number back-up
203DC1F Slot C door number back-up
3000002 Frame counter
3000014 Completed game map switch
  • 0 for the normal map screen
  • 1 for the timer and item collection map screen
300001B Abilities counter
300001C Security door counter
300002C Area number
300002D Room number
300002E Door number
300003B Main Deck percentage
300003C SRX percentage
300003D TRO percentage
300003E PYR percentage
300003F AQA percentage
3000040 ARC percentage
3000041 NOC percentage
30000C8 Horizontal background 0 positioning
30000CA Vertical background 0 positioning
30000CC Horizontal background 1 positioning
30000CE Vertical background 1 positioning
30000D0 Horizontal background 2 positioning
30000D2 Vertical background 2 positioning
30000D4 Horizontal background 3 positioning
30000D6 Vertical background 3 positioning
300012A Camera speed
3000138 In-game timer
3000142 1st Vertical enemy positioning
3000144 1st Horizontal enemy positioning
3000154 1st Enemy health
3000172 1st Enemy freeze timer
300017A 2nd Vertical enemy positioning
300017C 2nd Horizontal enemy positioning
300018C 2nd Enemy health
30001AA 2nd Enemy freeze timer
30001B2 3rd Vertical enemy positioning
30001B4 3rd Horizontal enemy positioning
30001C4 3rd Enemy health
30001E0 Zazabi's jump counter
30001E2 3rd Enemy freeze timer
30001EA 4th Vertical enemy positioning
30001EC 4th Horizontal enemy positioning
30001FC 4th Enemy health
300021A 4th Enemy freeze timer
3000222 5th Vertical enemy positioning
3000224 5th Horizontal enemy positioning
3000234 5th Enemy health
3000252 5th Enemy freeze timer
300025A 6th Vertical enemy positioning
300025C 6th Horizontal enemy positioning
300026C 6th Enemy health
300028A 6th Enemy freeze timer
3000292 7th Vertical enemy positioning
3000294 7th Horizontal enemy positioning
30002A4 7th Enemy health
30002C2 7th Enemy freeze timer
30002CA 8th Vertical enemy positioning
30002CC 8th Horizontal enemy positioning
30002DC 8th Enemy health
30002FA 8th Enemy freeze timer
3000302 9th Vertical enemy positioning
3000304 9th Horizontal enemy positioning
3000314 9th Enemy health
3000332 9th Enemy freeze timer
300033A 10th Vertical enemy positioning
300033C 10th Horizontal enemy positioning
300034C 10th Enemy health
300036A 10th Enemy freeze timer
3000372 11th Vertical enemy positioning
3000374 11th Horizontal enemy positioning
3000384 11th Enemy health
30003A2 11th Enemy freeze timer
30003AA 12th Vertical enemy positioning
30003AC 12th Horizontal enemy positioning
30003BC 12th Enemy health
30003DA 12th Enemy freeze timer
30003E2 13th Vertical enemy positioning
30003E4 13th Horizontal enemy positioning
30003F4 13th Enemy health
3000412 13th Enemy freeze timer
30008D9 Escape timer
3000968 1st vertical projectile positioning
300096A 1st horizontal projectile positioning
300097C 1st projectile type
300097E 1st bomb timer
3000988 2nd vertical projectile positioning
300098A 2nd horizontal projectile positioning
300099C 2nd projectile type
300099E 2nd bomb timer
30009A8 3rd vertical projectile positioning
30009AA 3rd horizontal projectile positioning
30009BC 3rd projectile type
30009BE 3rd bomb timer
30009C8 4th vertical projectile positioning
30009CA 4th horizontal projectile positioning
30009DC 4th projectile type
30009DE 4th bomb timer
30009E8 5th vertical projectile positioning
30009EA 5th horizontal projectile positioning
30009FC 5th projectile type
30009FE 5th bomb timer
3000A08 6th vertical projectile positioning
3000A0A 6th horizontal projectile positioning
3000A1C 6th projectile type
3000A1E 6th bomb timer
3000A28 7th vertical projectile positioning
3000A2A 7th horizontal projectile positioning
3000A3C 7th projectile type
3000A3E 7th bomb timer
3000A48 8th vertical projectile positioning
3000A4A 8th horizontal projectile positioning
3000A5C 8th projectile type
3000A5E 8th bomb timer
3000A68 9th vertical projectile positioning
3000A6A 9th horizontal projectile positioning
3000A7C 9th projectile type
3000A7E 9th bomb timer
3000A88 10th vertical projectile positioning
3000A8A 10th horizontal projectile positioning
3000A9C 10th projectile type
3000A9E 10th bomb timer
3000AA8 11th vertical projectile positioning
3000AAA 11th horizontal projectile positioning
3000ABC 11th projectile type
3000ABE 11th bomb timer
3000AC8 12th vertical projectile positioning
3000ACA 12th horizontal projectile positioning
3000ADC 12th projectile type
3000ADE 12th bomb timer
3000AE8 13th vertical projectile positioning
3000AEA 13th horizontal projectile positioning
3000AFC 13th projectile type
3000AFE 13th bomb timer
3000B08 14th vertical projectile positioning
3000B0A 14th horizontal projectile positioning
3000B1C 14th projectile type
3000B1E 14th bomb timer
3000B28 15th vertical projectile positioning
3000B2A 15th horizontal projectile positioning
3000B3C 15th projectile type
3000B3E 15th bomb timer
3000B48 16th vertical projectile positioning
3000B4A 16th horizontal projectile positioning
3000B5C 16th projectile type
3000B5E 16th bomb timer
3000B68 17th vertical projectile positioning
3000B6A 17th horizontal projectile positioning
3000B7C 17th projectile type
3000B7E 17th bomb timer
3000B84 Menu status
  • 0 Exits menu
  • 1 Gunship
  • 2 Normal menu
  • 3 Adam
  • 4 Adam
  • 5 Map, then messes up all the sprites
  • 6 SA-X clip-art scene
3000B87 Event counter
3001245 Pose status
  • 0 Standing
  • 1 Turning around
  • 2 Shooting
  • 3 Running
  • 4 Jumping/falling
  • 5 Turning around and jumping/falling
  • 6 Landing
  • 7 Ducking
  • 8 Turning around and ducking
  • 9 Shooting and ducking
  • A Starting a spin-jump
  • B Spinning
  • C Morphing
  • D Morphball
  • E Rolling
  • F Unmorphing
  • 10 Jumping/falling in morphball
  • 11 Getting hurt
  • 12 Getting hurt in morphball
  • 13 Getting knocked back
  • 14 Getting knocked back in morphball
  • 15 Starting a wall-jump
  • 16 Wall-jumping
  • 17 Using an elevator
  • 18 Hanging on a ledge
  • 19 Pulling yourself up from hanging
  • 1A Pulling yourself forward from hanging
  • 1B Pulling yourself into a morphball tunnel
  • 1D Space-jumping
  • 1E Screw-attacking
  • 1F Skidding
  • 20 On a save pad
  • 21 On a recharge/security pad
  • 22 Turning around to be recharged
  • 23 Delay before shinesparking
  • 24 Shinesparking
  • 25 Delay after shinesparking
  • 26 Hanging from a vertical ladder
  • 27 Starting to hold your arm connon out on a vertical ladder
  • 28 Holding your arm connon out on a vertical ladder
  • 29 Shooting on a vertical ladder
  • 2A Starting to put away your arm connon on a vertical ladder
  • 2B Handing on a horizontal ladder
  • 2C Moving on a horizontal ladder
  • 2D Turning around on a horizontal ladder
  • 2E Delay after shooting on a horizontal ladder
  • 2F Shooting on a horizontal ladder
  • 30 Frozen
  • 31 Frozen and falling
  • 32 Frozen in morphball
  • 33 Frozen in morphball and falling
  • 34 Unlocking security
  • 35 Saving/loading game
  • 36 On a navigation pad
  • 37 Downloading an ability
  • 38 Being recharged
  • 39 Facing the foreground
  • 3A Facing the background
  • 3B Unlocking the habitations deck
  • 3D Being loaded by the gunship
  • 3E Dying
  • 3F Hit by Omega Metroid
  • 40 Grabbed by Yakuza
3001246 Turn switch
  • 0 Not turning around
  • 1 Turning around
3001247 Bounce/wall-jump switch
  • 0 Not bouncing/wall-jumping
  • 1 Bouncing/wall-jumping
  • 14 Jumping when bouncing
  • 15 Jumping when bouncing
  • 16 Jumping when bouncing
3001248 Wall-jump timer
3001249 Invincibility timer
300124A Speed boosting switch
  • 0 Not speed boosting
  • 1 Speed boosting
300124B Arm cannon direction
  • 0 None
  • 1 Forward
  • 2 Diagonally upwards
  • 3 Diagonally downwards
  • 4 Upwards
  • 5 Downwards
300124C Missiles switch
  • 0 Missiles not selected
  • 1 Missiles selected
300124D Projectile type
  • 1 Beam
  • 2 Missile
  • 4 Bomb
  • 5 Charged beam
  • 6 Power bomb
300124E Cooldown timer
3001250 Charge beam counter
3001252 Arm running animation switch
  • 0 Arm connon out
  • 1 Arm connon not out
3001253 Speed boosting/knock-back counter
3001254 Wall-jump direction switch
  • 10 Rightwards
  • 20 Leftwards
3001256 Direction switch
  • 10 Rightwards
  • 20 Leftwards
300125A Horizontal positioning
300125C Vertical positioning
300125E Horizontal momentum
3001260 Vertical momentum
3001262 Current slope type
  • 0 Flat
  • 11 Steep right
  • 12 Gentle right
  • 21 Steep left
  • 22 Gentle left
30012DC Shinespark timer
3001310 Health status
3001312 Health capacity
3001314 Missile status
3001316 Missiles capacity
3001318 Power bomb status
3001319 Power bomb capacity
300131A Beam status
  • 0 None
  • 1 Charge beam
  • 2 Wide beam
  • 4 Plasma beam
  • 8 Wave beam
  • 10 Ice beam
300131B Missile + bomb status
  • 0 None
  • 1 Missile
  • 2 Super missile
  • 4 Ice missile
  • 8 Diffusion missile
  • 10 Bomb
  • 20 Power bomb
300131C Suit + misc. status
  • 0 None
  • 1 Hi-jump
  • 2 Speed booster
  • 4 Space jump
  • 8 Screw attack
  • 10 Varia suit
  • 20 Gravity suit
  • 40 Morph ball
  • 80 Omega suit
300131D Security Status
  • 0 White doors
  • 1 Blue doors
  • 2 Green doors
  • 3 Yellow doors
  • 4 Red doors
  • FF None
300131F Low Health switch
  • 0 Not low health
  • 1 Low health
300132C Horizontal wall collision detection
  • 0 None of Samus
  • 1 Top of Samus
  • 2 Middle of Samus
  • 4 Bottom of Samus
3001330 Half speed switch
  • 0 Normal speed
  • 1 Half speed
3001332 Vertical acceleration
3001334 Maximum vertical speed
3001336 Horizontal in-air acceleration
3001338 Maximum horizontal in-air speed
300133A Maximum horizontal in-air morphball speed
300133C Horizontal acceleration
300133E Maximum horizontal speed
3001342 Previous horizontal positioning
3001344 Previous vertical positioning
3001346 Underwater switch
  • 0 Overwater
  • 1 Underwater
300134C-30013CA Previous 64 horizontal positionings
30013CC-300144A Previous 64 vertical positionings
300151E Final percentage
3001608 2nd menu arrow horizontal position
300160A 2nd menu arrow vertical position
300160E Copy data selector animation
300160F Copy data selector animation counter
300161C 2nd menu box animation
3001628 Menu box type
3001638 Copy menu box animation switch
3001640 1st menu arrow horizontal position
3001642 1st menu arrow vertical position
3001645 Menu arrow switch
3001646 Menu arrow animation
3001647 Menu arrow animation counter
3001654 Menu arrow type
3001660 Menu box animation
3001670 1st menu box animation
30016B2 Save file selector position
30016F1 Mono to stereo switch
3001704 Mono to stereo selector position
300170A Mono to stereo animation
300170B Mono to stereo animation counter
300445E/4474 Electrified pain SFX
3004D28 Suit colour
3004D90 SA-X suit colour
3004DEC 1st Door type
3004DED 1st Door animation
3004DEE 1st Door horizontal positioning
3004DEF 1st Door vertical positioning
3004DF0 2nd Door type
3004DF1 2nd Door animation
3004DF2 2nd Door horizontal positioning
3004DF3 2nd Door vertical positioning
3004DF4 3rd Door type
3004DF5 3rd Door animation
3004DF6 3rd Door horizontal positioning
3004DF7 3rd Door vertical positioning
3004DF8 4th Door type
3004DF9 4th Door animation
3004DFA 4th Door horizontal positioning
3004DFB 4th Door vertical positioning
3004DFC 5th Door type
3004DFD 5th Door animation
3004DFE 5th Door horizontal positioning
3004DFF 5th Door vertical positioning
3004E00 6th Door type
3004E01 6th Door animation
3004E02 6th Door horizontal positioning
3004E03 6th Door vertical positioning
3004E04 7th Door type
3004E05 7th Door animation
3004E06 7th Door horizontal positioning
3004E07 7th Door vertical positioning
3004E08 8th Door type
3004E09 8th Door animation
3004E0A 8th Door horizontal positioning
3004E0B 8th Door vertical positioning
3007D94 Projectile vertical positioning
3007D98 Projectile horizontal positioning