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{{INES| title = Metroid (U) [!]
{{INES| title = Metroid
|image = [[Image:Metroid.png]]
|image = [[Image:Metroid Title.png|center]]
|mapperno = 1
|mapperno = 1
|mappername = [[S*ROM (MMC1)]]
|mappername = [[Nintendo MMC1]]
|prgrom = 8 x 16kB
|prgrom = 8 x 16kB
|chrrom = 0 x 8kB
|chrrom = 0 x 8kB
|mirroring = Vertical
|mirroring = Horizontal
|4screen = No
|4screen = No
|sram = No
|sram = No
|game = Metroid
|game = Metroid
[[Wikipedia:Metroid|Metroid]] has been extensively hacked.

* [ Editroid]
* [[Metroid:MetEdit|MetEdit]] is an editor by Kent Hansen a.k.a. [[SnowBro]] and is the most extensive utility currently available for editing of the Metroid ROM. It is available [ here] for free download.  The latest known version is 0.91.
* [ MetEdit]
* [ Metroid Password Generator] by emuWorks
* [ Metroid Password Generator] by sleepy

====Metroid Hacks List====
* [ Bionic Metroid]
* Metroid has been so extensively hacked that many Metroid hacks of varying themes and degrees of quality have cropped up over the years in the nooks and crannies of cyberspace.  So while the list included herein may very well not be complete, it nonetheless represents many of the more notable Metroid hacks currently available.  The .IPS files for most Metroid hacks on this list may be obtained from [ this site], and also from [ this site].  Exceptions are indicated below...
* [ Metroid 2000]
* [ Metroid Deluxe]
:* [[Bionic Metroid]] by Defgav
* [ Metroid Genocide]
:* [[Catman 1: Metroid]] by Cattar
* [ Metroid Omega]
:* [[Metroid 2000]] by Collin Benson
* [ Metroid Remix]
:* [[Metroid Adventure]] by Project Ridien
* [ Metroid Revenge]
:* [[Metroid Begins]] by Kirk Bradford Myers (Scheduled for release on August 6th, 2006)
* [ Project Ridien]
:* [[Metroid Captive]] by SPJ
* A number of Metroid hacks may be found at:
:* [[Metroid Challenge]] by Curtis Himel
** [ NESHQ]
:* [[Metroid Deluxe]] by Deluxe Hacks
** [ Zophar's Domain (minor hacks)]
:* [[Metroid Eternal Darkness ]] by Vandal's Hacks
** [ Zophar's Domain (major hacks)]
:* [[M3tr0id H4rd c0r3 l33t]] by l33tspeak Translations
** [ Metroid Construction]
:* [[Metroid M]] by Mega-Dog
:* [[Metroid Origin]] by John Pilkington
:* [[Metroid Planet]] by Metroid Planet
:* [[Metroid Plus]] by Grond
:* [[Metroid Quest]] by MakoEyes
:* [[Metroid Remix]] by Litmus Dragon
:* [[Metroid X]] by Rage Games
:* [[Naked Samus]] by Zaratustra Productions
:* [[Project Ridien]] by Project Ridien. (Available only from [ here].)
:* [[Riffroid]] by Sean Kelly
:* [[Trodiem]] by Dr. Navi Software

* [ French translation] by [ Terminus Traduction]

====Metroid ROM Data Formats====
* Additional information on Metroid's inner workings can be found on the pages below (best when used in conjunction with the [[Metroid:ROM map|ROM map]]):
* The Metroid ROM data formats pages describing the technical inner workings of various Metroid ROM addresses can be accessed using the following links.  Best when used in conjunction with the [[Metroid:ROM map|ROM Map]] section.
** [[Metroid:Item data format|Item data format]]
:*[[Metroid:Room data format|Metroid Room Data Format]]
** [[Metroid:Music data format|Music data format]]
:*[[Metroid:Pointer format|Metroid Pointer Format]]
** [[Metroid:Pointer format|Pointer format]]
** [[Metroid:Room data format|Room data format]]

==Known Dumps==
* Metroid (E) [!]
* Metroid (PC10)
* Metroid (U) (PRG0) [!]

==External Links==
==External Links==
* [ Metroid maps] at ''NESMaps''
* [ Metroid] at — contains Dirty McDingus's disassembly (a gold mine of information) as well as SnowBro's disassembly, which it was based on.

[[Category:NES Games]][[Category:Metroid]]
[[Category:Metroid series]]
[[Category:Metroid series]]

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Metroid Title.png
Mapper No. 1
Mapper Name Nintendo MMC1
PRG-ROM Pages 8 x 16kB
CHR-ROM Pages 0 x 8kB
Mirroring Horizontal
4-Screen Mirroring No
SRAM Enabled No
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Known Dumps

  • Metroid (E) [!]
  • Metroid (PC10)
  • Metroid (U) (PRG0) [!]

External Links

  • Metroid maps at NESMaps
  • Metroid at — contains Dirty McDingus's disassembly (a gold mine of information) as well as SnowBro's disassembly, which it was based on.
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