Mega Man X:RAM map

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Tested only on ver 1.1 of the ROM:

7E:0500 - 7E:052F?   Table of 5-byte entries for DMA transfer of X's graphics from ROM to VRAM.
7E:0BAA              X's current state (6 = rising, 8 = falling, 14 = dashing, etc...)
7E:0BAA              X's current sub-state
7E:0BAC - 7E:0BAE    X's X-position (24-bit)
7E:0BAF - 7E:0BB1    X's Y-position (24-bit)
7E:0BBB - 7E:0BBC    General purpose animation timer for X?
7E:0BBF              X's current pose
7E:0BC2 - 7E:0BC3    X's horizontal velocity
7E:0BC4 - 7E:0BC5    X's vertical velocity
7E:0BC6              X's acceleration (gravity)
7E:0BCF              X's health
7E:0BE0 - 7E:0BE2    Mirror of controller input (bits for unused buttons seem to be ANDed out)
7E:0BDD              Number of shots currently on screen
7E:0BFA              Dash timer
7E:0BFF              Charge timer
7E:0C03              Charge level (01 = fully charged /w/ arm part, 02 = normal full charge,
                     03 = partial charge | Not sure what it's used for)

7E:0C06              Bitflags: Standing = 04, hanging on left wall = 02, right wall = 01
7E:0C30 - 7E:0C8F    Stuff for armor parts (position, type, and so forth)

7E:0E18              Ride armor exist flag (00 = delete the ride armor, anything else = ride armor exists)
7E:0E1A              Ride armor's current state
7E:0E1C - 7E:0E1E    Ride armor's X-position (24-bit)
7E:0E1F - 7E:0E22    Ride armor's Y-position (24-bit)
7E:0E32 - 7E:0E33    Ride armor's horizontal velocity
7E:0E34 - 7E:0E35    Ride armor's vertical velocity
7E:0E36              Ride armor's acceleration (gravity)
7E:0E4D              Ride armor's heading 40 = facing right, 00 = facing left

7E:1F99              Bitflag array of armor pieces collected
7E:1F9A              X's maximum health
7E:1F9C              Bitflag array of heart tanks collected
7E:1FB4              Current number of lives remaining