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Player Variables


RAM Function Details
$0040 Keys held on pad 1
$0042 Keys pressed on pad 1

Life & Health

RAM Function Details
$03E5 Mega Man's HP


RAM Function Details
$0688 Remaining Mega Buster energy Always Full
$0689 Remaining Yamato Spear energy
$068A Remaining Wind Storm energy
$068B Remaining Blizzard Attack energy
$068C Remaining Fire Blast energy
$068D Remaining Plant Barrier energy
$068E Remaining Knight Crush energy
$068F Remaining Silver Tomahawk energy
$0690 Remaining Centaur Flash energy
$0691 Remaining Beat energy
$0694 Power Mega Man switch
$0695 Jet Mega Man swtich


RAM Function Details
$00A5 Current Power Level for Power Mega Man (graphically only)
$0486 X position of Mega Man
$049D X position fraction of Mega Man
$04CB Y position of Mega Man
$04E2 Y position fraction of Mega Man


RAM Function Details
$0051 Current Level
$0057 Current Screen
$03ED Current Boss' HP
$069C Y position of Left Table objects
$069D X position of Left Table objects

Internal Data for Mega Man VI

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