Mega Man 5:RAM map

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RAM Locations provided by the user HHS.

0014 Keys pressed on pad 1
0015 Always cleared
0016 Keys held on pad 1
0017 Always cleared
0018 Palette changed
0019 Draw horizontal data
001A Draw vertical data
001B Palette cycle stopped
001C Update tile
001E New tile position
0023 New tile number
0026 Current level
0027 PRG bank for level
0028 Scrolling direction
0029 Area number
002A Maximum screen
002B Current screen
002C Mirroring
002D Life bar select
002E Weapon bar select
002F Boss bar enable
0030 Current move
0031 Direction
0032 Current weapon
0033 Shooting timer
0034 Shooting flag
0035 Sliding timer
0036 Kill block type (F0 => Kill, 00 => Nothing,
 others => decrease   life by 1)
0037 Platform sprite index
0038 Charge counter
0039 Platform direction
003A Platform X speed low
003B Platform X speed high
003C Previous X pos low
003D Previous X pos high
003E Previous Y pos low
003F Previous Y pos high
0041 Unused
0042 Largest block type found
0043 Nb. of destroyed blocks
0044 Previous scroll X
0045 Previous scroll Y
0046 Vertical level
0047 Block number to draw
0048-004F Block types in each tested position
0050 Weapon selection in menu order
0051 Unused
0054 Freeze counter
0055 Horizontal autoscroll lock
0056 Boss sprite index
0057 Bump timer
0058 Bump flag
0059 Destroyed block disable
005A Animation disable
005B Shot type
005D Picked up M-tank
0060 Display updated
0069 Last screen visited
006A Current boss in rematch
006B Killed bosses in rematch
006C Current Wily level
006D Beat letters
006E Levels cleared
0074 Show elevator borders
0075 Elevator position low
0076 Elevator position high
0078 Split parameters
0080-008F Thread info
0090 VBL flag
0092 Asynchronous frame counter
0093-0094 Execute address
0095 Critical section flag
0096 Split effect enabled
0097-0098 Split effect execution routine
0099 Next split effect number
009A Current split effect number
009B Next split position
009C Current split position
009D Synchronous frame counter
009E Current sprite drawn
009F Next OAM table offset
00A0 Freeze frame
00A1 Gravity
00A2 Current Y scroll
00A4 Current X scroll
00A5 Current name table
00A6 Current sprite
00A7 Saved X register when PRG change interrupted
00A8 Saved Y register when PRG change interrupted
00A9 Colour lock
00AC Horizontal scroll direction
00AD Next enemy in level
00AE Previous enemy in level
00AF Mega man upside down
00B0 Life
00B1-00BC Weapon energy
00BD E-tanks
00BE M-tanks
00BF Lives
00C0 In sound code
00C7 Song time increment
00C8 Song time low
00C9 Song speed high
00CA Song spedd low
00CB Global transpose
00CC SF channels playing
00CF Current track bit
00D0-00D1 SF pointer
00D2 SF transpose
00D3 SF ontime
00D4 SF timer
00D5 SF on-timer
00DA Sound queue write pointer
00DB Sound queue read pointer
00DC-00E3 Sound queue
00E4-00E7 LSFR
00E8-00E9 NMI return address
00EA-00EB Background CHR banks
00EC-00EF Sprite CHR banks
00F0 Screen disabled
00F2 Last MMC3 command
00F3 Last PRG bank 8000-9FFF
00F4 Last PRG bank A000-BFFF
00F5 New PRG bank 8000-9FFF
00F6 New PRG bank A000-BFFF
00F7 In PRG change
00F8 Postponed PRG change
00F9 Scroll X high
00FA Scroll Y
00FB Vertical screen offset
00FC Scroll X
00FD Current nametable
00FE Display settings 1
00FF Display settings 2
0100-011F Powerups taken in level
0150-016F Debug stack
0170-017F Main stack
0190-01AF Palette animation stack
01B0-01DF Game stack
01E0-01FF System stack
0200-02FF OAM table
0300-0317 Sprite type
0318-032F X position fraction
0330-0347 X position low
0348-035F X position high
0360-0377 Y position fraction
0378-038F Y position low
0390-03A7 Y position high
03A8-03BF X speed low
03C0-03D7 X speed high
03D8-03EF Y speed low
03F0-0407 Y speed high
0408-041F Sprite flags (7 => Hurts Mega Man, 6 => Shielded,
 5 to 0 => Size)
0420-0437 Direction
0438-044F Sprite number
0450-0467 Life
0468-047F Variable A
0480-0497 Variable B
0498-04AF Variable C
04B0-04C7 Variable D
04C8-04DF Variable E
04E0-04F7 Variable F
04F8-050F Variable G
0510-0527 Variable H
0528-053F Display flags (6 => Flipped, 5 => Mirrored,
 4 => In  background, 3 => Don't destroy when off screen,
 2 => Invisible)
0540-0557 Animation frame
0558-056F Animation
0570-0587 Animation timer
0588-059F Enemy handler low
05A0-05B7 Enemy handler high
05B8-05CF Flash counter
05D0 Background animation
05D1 Background frame
05D2 Background timer
05E0-05EF Current column
05F0-05F3 Palette animation
05F4-05F7 Palette frame
05F8-05FB Palette timer
0600-061F Palette
0620-063F Original palette
0640-067F Attribute table
0680-06BF Local destroyed blocks
06C0-06FF Destroyed blocks
0700-077F Channel variables
0780-07FF Drawing buffer