Mega Man: The Wily Wars:ROM map

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Enemy and Boss Data

Addresses below refer to the European ROM. For the US ROM, subtract 0x9E.

Enemy and boss data starts at 0x06E530. Each enemy's entry is 0x1C bytes long.

Table Entry Offsets

Offset Use
0x00 Initial health
0x02 Mega Buster damage
0x09 Atomic Fire damage
0x0A Air Shooter damage
0x0B Leaf Shield damage
0x0C Bubble Lead damage
0x0D Quick Boomerang damage
0x0E Time Stopper damage
0x0F Metal Blade damage
0x10 Crash Bomber damage

Boss Data Starting Locations

Address Name
0x06EC4C Air Man
0x06EC68 Crash Man
0x06EC84 Metal Man
0x06ECA0 Wood Man
0x06ECBC Flash Man
0x06ECD8 Quick Man
0x06ECF4 Bubble Man
0x06ED10 Heat Man
0x06ED2C Mecha Dragon
0x06ED48 Picopico-kun
0x06ED64 Guts Tank
0x06ED80 Boobeam Trap
0x06ED9C Wily Machine 2
0x06EDB8 Alien