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Note: Memory locations discovered using the 'FCEU' Emulator for Windows.

Given values: $Hexadecimal value(Decimal value), ex. $63(99)

Any values less than $0A(10) will only show the Hex value.

RAM Function Details
005D Which ememys have been defeated/Weapons unlocked
bit 1 Bombman/Hyper Bomb
bit 2 Elecman/Thunder Beam
bit 3 Gutsman/Super Arm
bit 4 Iceman/Ice Slasher
bit 5 Cutman/Rolling Cutter
bit 6 Fireman/Fire Storm
bit 7 Magnet Beam
Setting a bit will defeat/unlock the corresponding Villan/Weapon. Set this byte to $FE(254) to go directly to Dr. Wily.
005F Weapon Select
$00 Mega Buster(normal weapon)
$01 Hyper Bomb
$02 Thunder Beam
$03 Super Arm
$04 Ice Slasher
$05 Rolling Cutter
$06 Fire Storm
$07 Magnet Beam
This only controls the weapon function, it will not change his color. You can select any weapon even if it's still locked.
006A Mega Man Life Bar Value $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
006B Cutman Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
006C Iceman Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
006D Bombman Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
006E Fireman Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
006F Elecman Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
0070 Gutsman Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
0071 Magnet Beam Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
0072-0078 Score Each byte represents one digit in BCD. Starts with ones digit (0072)
00A6 Lives Maximum is $80(128). Bit 7 set gives Game Over. Game will not raise it past $63(99).
00AE Bonus Number of bonus energy balls picked up during level. Is multiplied by 1000 at level completion screen.
0100-01FF Stack RAM used by CPU for stack.
0200-02FF Sprite Data 256 byte block that is transferred via DMA to PPU memory during each NMI Routine.
06C1 Boss Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty