Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis:Level Format

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This is a mixture of research on the USA and the European versions of the game. In addition to page editor(s), TheMarioVariable has made contributions.

Values are in Little Endian.


Offset Type Description
0000 UInt32 Always 0x0A
0004 UInt32 Offset to Actor Loading Data
0008 UInt32 Offset to Tile Loading Data
000C UInt32 Offset to Level Properties Data
0010 UInt32 Offset to Water/Lava Data

Actor Loading Data

Actors to load. See here for a list of Actor IDs.

Offset Type Description
0000 UInt32 Number of Actor IDs
0004 Array of UInt32 values Actor ID(s)

Tile Loading Data

Tiles to load.

Offset Type Description
00 UInt32 Number of Tile IDs
02 Array of UInt8 values Tile ID(s)

Level Properties Data


Water/Lava Data